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US History

Columbus Day Committee
Students read primary documents from the perspectives of Spanish conquistadors and Native Americans and their defenders.  Who do you agree with?

Colonial America Activity
Students imagine they have landed in Virginia circa 1607.  What decisions will they make? 
(Grades 8-12)

Middle Passage Simulation
Students experience the horrors of the Middle Passage as they endure harsh conditions in the classroom
(Grades 11-College)

New England Primer Simulation
Sit up straight and get those elbows of the desk—you’re in Puritan country now!  Students experience a day in the life of a rigorous Puritan education.
(Grades 7-12)

Improving the Articles of Confederation
Adapted from the National Archives website: students play a game without instructions to simulate the chaos of the Constitutional Conventions.
(Grades 7-12)

Do We Stay Or Do We Go?
Students place themselves in the role of a freedman in the South.  Do they stay and work for their former master or seek a new life elsewhere?
(Grades 11-College)



American Revolution



Rise of Capitalists


World War I

Great Depression

World War II

Cold War

Civil Rights

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